When your son is dating the wrong girl

29-Jul-2016 14:07

Despite your friend’s overwhelming optimism, you know you have to tell them the truth, yet you find yourself saying, “Yeah, I know, such a great catch! Well, here are my top three tips for how to properly tell someone the person they are dating is not right for them.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but sometimes taking the most direct route can be the hardest.

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Hi everyone, I've read a lot of posts on this forum, and after some thought I decided to post my problem.

My son has been with the same girl for six years (he's in his 20s).

When they were first together, I thought she was great.

The truth hurts, but then again so does seeing your friend go down the wrong path.

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There is no limit to what people ask me about relationships and for this article, I’m going to tackle a very awkward topic that must be addressed--how to tell someone their boyfriend or girlfriend is just not right for them. You have a friend who is over the moon about their new relationship and they can’t wait to tell you about it. Well, that is until you meet their new boyfriend or girlfriend, only to find out that the new person in your friend’s life could very well be the biggest loser you have ever met.

She's quite smart, seems friendly enough, and is about to start her Master's degree.

And by big loser, I mean isn’t a good person, is cheating on them, isn’t going to be around long, or things like that.

Simply not liking who your friend is dating is not reason enough to say anything.

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