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Uncle Larry is CEO of Laffer studios and requests Larry to come and work for him.He needs help to uncover a mole from a rival studio that is sabotaging productions and making the studio lose their investors.August 17, 2009, Author: Simon Weatherall Wanna be in a movie?! We’re here to talk about games but luckily the game we’re talking about takes you into the movies.

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If this continues, the rival studio can move in for a hostile takeover.

Larry agrees and starts off his new career in the janitor’s office and has to work his way up the ladder doing odd jobs for people in a series of mini games and little adventures, to uncover the culprit. The movie studio is very open world and your job is to complete the various objectives around the studio while looking for the mole.

Where the big breasted women wear bikinis, have an IQ the equivalent to that of a peanut, and have sex with average guys like me and you because they think its a cure for cancer. Let’s meet Larry Lovage, a wayward teen and star of the game Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.

While being a lazy good for nothing bum living in a caravan he is approached by his uncle, Larry Laffer (the original star of the Leisure Suit Larry games).

The story is very tongue in cheek and there is a lot of swearing and sexual innuendo. As you complete each task you do you unlock more missions to do.

Some of the mini-games include photographing scantily clad big breasted babes doing various acts, solving puzzles in a platforming fashion and racing.

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