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30-Jun-2016 19:40

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Laura Boylan, 31, from Liverpool, has no qualms about dating rich men if they bestow her with gifts galore.She even reveals in new Channel 5 show Gold Digger and Proud how she plans to enjoy a £33,000 engagement ring..has no plans to wed the man giving it to her Wealthy Essex businessman and DJ Mark Vanderpump, 56, says that his money means he can date younger ladies who wouldn't be interested in him otherwise.A source who claims to know Jojo well dished to the tabloid, “Jo Jo has no interest in pursuing anything with the guys who didn’t have good jobs or a ton of money.” The insider added, “Her goal in life is to have nice things and live an easy life.When it comes to finding a husband, the only thing she cares about is money,” the source explained.Little does she know, Jordan is feuding with his family and not even on speaking terms with Aaron Rodgers. Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bachelorette 2016 spoilers and news.

Season 12 spoilers tease that love might not be the only thing that Ben Higgins’ ex is searching for, apparently she is on the hunt for a big payout as well and is hoping to land herself a husband with a hefty savings account.

Pictured above with 27-year-old Brazilian Rosana who Mark flew in for a date Diamond digger: Noelie Goforth, a 46-year-old former shop girl from Doncaster hit the jackpot when she married wealthy husband Robin, who thinks nothing of splashing out £200,000 on one shopping spree In a shameless admission, Laura admits that she teases men into giving more and more but jumps ship when things look like getting too serious and reveals that a recent suitor has promised her an engagement ring worth £33,000 pounds, something she plans to take - before ditching him While he admits that he knows the women in his life are only after one thing, he says he would like something more meaningful and, as is shown on the show, even flies 27-year-old Brazilian Rosana across the Atlantic for a lavish weekend of shopping and dining.

Ironically, Jojo’s frontrunner this season is Jordan Rodgers, former football player and the little brother of NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

The funny thing is, Jojo obviously was attracted to him because of his famous family and ties to the NFL. Do you believe that Jojo Fletcher is a gold-digger?

“She’s a gold digger.” Apparently, Jojo eliminated several guys from the show once she realized they weren’t sitting on nest egg or from a wealthy family.

In Touch’s snitch explained that Jojo would blame it on a “lack of chemistry,” but really it was because they didn’t meet her financial criteria.

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