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the "mathletes") and begins hanging around with a new crowd.

When The Movie is this or one spontaneous series of events irrelevant to any previously established continuity see Non-Serial Movie.

For a frequent justification, see All Just a Dream.

If you have ever tried to convince other people to tune in to a show you like, and they say, "Okay I'll watch one episode with you if you promise to stop bothering me about it," we Tropers can guarantee that the one episode you watch together will be that series' Bizarro Episode. Has nothing to do with Superman's reverse counterpart.

Ben Foster [ Eli ], Mark Allan Staubach [ Mark ], Stacy Hogue [ Karen ], Ron Lester [ Seidleman ], Brianna Brown [ Ashley ], Lizzy Caplan [ Sara ], Gabriel Carpenter [ Brett ], David Michael Gangler Jr.

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Also not to be confused with a Bizarro Universe or the episodes involving one; the Bizarro Universe is justified according to some in-universe logic, while the Bizarro Episode can be equally different from normal continuity but there's not necessarily any in-universe reason for things to be that different from normal.When the finale of a series is this, it's a Gainax Ending.