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11-Mar-2015 22:18

They are now 12.63p and should rise substantially as the company progresses.Though numerous women become pregnant without difficulty, many others plan their pregnancies, often using urine-based tests that are designed to tell them when they are at their most fertile.There is also an app, that allows users to create a diary of their hormonal cycle, useful both for women and their doctors, if they ultimately resort to medical intervention.Chief executive Erik Henau was in Shanghai last week, ironing out the final details before the product launch and expectations are high.Most middle-class women in China go to hospital if they have difficulty conceiving.They can expect to wait for hours before being seen, and even then doctors will rarely spend more than a few minutes with them, often providing little by way of advice, apart from to keep on trying.These work for the average woman but, for a sizeable minority, they do not.

Concepta has developed a simple product to help women with infertility issues to become pregnant.The shares listed on the stock market last month at 11p.Women simply perform a urine test at home and place the swab in a hand-held meter, which provides instant and highly accurate readings.The procedure can be repeated over days or months, telling women when they are most likely to become pregnant.

'It's a boring company which pays a good, growing dividend, has a strong track record of growth and innovation, has a strong balance sheet and hasn't given me too many sleepless nights.It's all the things I look for in an investment.'Ben Yearsley, investment director at Wealth Club, says: 'I think the jury is still out on Morse's management of this trust.