Weird dating trends 2016

18-Apr-2015 05:34

The point, really, is simply that you are doing something with someone but it is definitely not exclusive. They respond to things you send them, but no longer initiate hangouts themselves. It usually happens with someone who, for all intents and purposed, has effectively ghosted you.You can usually sense that they’re trying to wind things down without actually breaking up with you, giving you time to cut things off yourself (the mature approach) or dig your heels in and absolutely refuse to let them go (the common approach). Benching This one, coined by interested in, but don’t want to shut the door on completely. Then, right as you’re ready to move on, they rise, as if from the dead–hence the Walking Dead-like title–and initiate some weird form of communication (like liking an old Instagram picture or no reason) that lets you knw that they’re thinking of you, in some capacity, but still leaves you baffled as to what their actual intentions are. Wheel According to The Loop, “wheel” is a verb that means “Attempting to attract a potential sexual partner for one evening, usually in a setting conducive to such a dalliance, such as a bar or party. DTR An acronym, not for “down to relationship,” as I mistakenly believed when I first came across it, but “define the relationship.” It is a discussion two people have when they’ve reached a certain point in “talking” or hooking up in which they must make some sort of decision as to whether they want to make things official or not. It’s just that this conventional method of dating isn’t super common anymore since, for the most part, it’s generally replaced by the more nebulous, difficult-to-parse “hanging out.” You know, like, talking, which leads to N*tflix and Ch*ll, which lead to dating but, more often than not, leads to some variation of ghosting, benching, zombieing–dating terms that have slightly varying definitions, but basically all boil down to just being a jerk. So, check out these weird dating terms that you may or may not be using, but definitely should know about: 1.Which, by the way, brings me to my main beef with modern dating. Cuffing Season Per Urban Dictionary–the definitive source for all things jerk-and-dating-related–cuffing season is: During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.

I am not so annoyed by the way people behave–being a jerk is not so much a byproduct of modern dating as it is of, like, humans in general– but rather by the terminology. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed. Drafting Season If you would like to be cuffed, however, you must also participate in drafting season.This is exactly what it sounds like–it’s basically taking advantage of the warm, carefree summer months to scout out a potential bae so you have solid options to choose from once cuffing season rolls around. Talking When you’re texting someone, but not dating.It is defined using sports terminology because people are a game. Or when you’re hooking up with someone, but not dating. Ghosting This one is pretty simple–it usually happens when you’re in the “talking” stage of a (non) relationship. Slow Fade The slow fade is often confused with straight ghosting, but it’s a slightly kinder approach–instead of cutting off communication with no warning whatsoever, communication lessens slightly over a period of time.Or when you’ve been on dates with someone, and you’re texting, and you’re hooking up, but you are dating. Then, suddenly, without warning, they stop talking to you. You go from getting a response to a text immediately to a few hours later, then a day later, then multiple days later. Zombieing Zombieing is sort of like benching, but with more time left between bouts of communication.

If there is anything on this planet that is worse than dating, I certainly couldn’t tell you what it is. Dating itself–you know, the act of going on dates, meeting people, and getting to know them over the course of a meal and a movie–is not so bad.

It’s cool to get to know someone, it’s cool to eat food with someone, and it can be cool to get out of the house for something that isn’t Pokémon GO.