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25-Jun-2015 14:30

The attraction of financial rewards was something she could not ignore.According to a 2014 Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore report, 88 per cent of households have access to the Internet and 79 per cent of individuals here use the Net."Singapore is a small nation in the real world,“ said Mr Shigeto Miyamoto, managing director of Cyber Secure Asia.“In cyberspace, Singapore has many servers, and that means it is a huge market in the cyberspace."Mr Paul Craig, director of Vantage Point Security, said: “Everything you do, the websites you go to, the conversations you have with your friends, the things you buy, are all inside your computer.“If I had access into your computer, I can tell you more about you than you can ever tell me.“THE ALLURE OF ONLINE SCAMSOne of the latest variants of the credit-for-sex scam comes from the Philippines, the National Crime Prevention Council has said.SINGAPORE: Jimmy (not his real name) is a user of We Chat, a free text messaging and calling app. Last year, Jimmy received a message from someone calling herself "Momi".Jimmy added her as a friend on We Chat and they started chatting regularly.

Jimmy had become a victim of an online credit-for-sex scam and had no choice but to report the case to the police.

In the first half of 2015, people in Singapore lost S.59 million in such scams, as well as S.7 million in Internet love scams.

Janice (not her real name), a 27-year-old wife and mother in the Philippine capital Manila, carries out online scams on a full-time basis.

Like many online scammers, Janice was introduced to the business of online scamming by her friends.

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Momi began sending revealing photos of herself, offering to be a "part-time girlfriend" in exchange for money.

Jimmy, who has not met any of his We Chat contacts, agreed and arranged to meet Momi. Instead, the Singaporean received a call from Momi's "friend", who asked him to buy an i Tunes card as payment for Momi's sexual services.