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What is clearly lacking from this thread is some nice quality pictures, I've got one pic taken on a shoddy webcam Some useful input from sophiebow can be found at the bottom of the page HERE.

She offers some more details than I did with regards to noise in HP, no common room and the amount of space you get.

I'll add it to a FAQ section if a question is asked.

So here goes with the guide (Drum roll please), it may be edited in the coming days, as I hope you understand I may forget to put some bits and bobs in it tonight Oh and don't nit pick my spelling/grammar/punctuation/bad humour or I'll hunt ya down next year Here we go with ....

I know that it might be a little early, but some of you have your hearts set on this fantastic university and may already be looking into accommodation...

soooooo I thought I'd give a big guide on Henry Price with everything I can think of.

The TRUTHFUL Henry Price Guide I know this guide is long, but choosing your university and accommodation is important and I know I wanted to know every last detail about Henry Price before I came last year, so hopefully some of you who may be in that position in a few months will find this useful. maybe the place that will be your living quarters for a year Right, I'm in my bedroom now and it's cosy The rooms are a decent size, you get a bed (Bet you're glad about that) a bin, a semi-comfy chair, heater, desk, shelves, bedside table, wall mirror, wardrobe, 6 plug sockets and a Internet Socket.

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Update List - Updated Bus 'Day Rider' prices (Apr 2011) - Updated minor info on takeaways in the area (clearly a priority in this thread ) (Apr 2011) - Updated with slightly more info on busses/shopping at Morrisons in the Misc section (with thanks to *Hannah.*) - Updated info regarding the on-campus gym (again with thanks to Hannah) - Updated with warnings from Hannah about various creepy crawlies in the night ------------------------------------------------------------ Well okay, it's about 3 am and well I'm bored so I thought I'd do a good deed and help you university searchers out.

edited a few things, if anyone feels any of the text needs updating please do let me know. Please please note that I made this thread a few years back now, most of the info will still be relevant (I think? If anyone is interested feel free to notify me of any mistakes in terms of changes that have occured since I've been there.

I'll give you showers of praise and a nice "+" on your post haha!

If you like the guide feel free to give me some positive rep (And any feedback) as I'd like to know if anyone actually finds this useful lol I'm not here to advertise the place and bump up numbers for next year I'll say it how it is (From my experiences anyway).

I remember when I was looking into accommodation last year (I'm in my first year at Henry Price) there wasn't too much detailed information out there about the halls, and the information that was out there was understandbly 'biased' with the university making accom. If I get the chance I'll upload some pics (Proper ones, not like on the uni site that uses funky camera angles to make the rooms seem twice as big ) And also you can ask me any info on Henry Price if it ain't in this guide (Or anything else relating to Leeds for that matter).

Basically you get everything that will help you survive for the year.

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