Wdlxtv live webinterface updating umsp plugins

26-Jan-2015 00:18

The Live and Live Plus versions also feature an Ethernet port, and are able to stream your media from your PC or a NAS onto your TV screen.While the WDTV can play a lot of popular formats, you can increase that even more by using a DLNA streaming server that has the ability to transcode your medias into a compatible format if the file is originally in an unsupported format. There is also a free alternative known as Tversity, which I used for a while in the past.WDLXTV is a custom firmware mainly developped by b-rad, with contributions from various members of the community.

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I used to be involved with the WDLXTV Custom Firmware project.This custom firmware, devloped by various members of the community, targets Western Digital's line of media players and adds numerous features to them.