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If it continues for a long time, the person concerned must see a gynecologist.

Question: Is it permitted for a menstruating woman to listen to the Qur'an al-karim, which her husband, her son, or her daughter recites at home?

More precisely, what are prohibited and what are permitted during these days?

ANSWERThe following are the things that are prohibited for a woman on the days when she is menstruating or having postnatal bleeding:1.

It is a grave sin not to say it when her husband asks.

It is stated in a relative with her sets off a long-distance journey, she is not considered a traveler.

If she, after her menstruation is over, travels to a distance of more than 104 km from the place she is staying, only then will she be considered a traveler.

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She cannot perform (prohibited) to have anal intercourse with one's wife both during and after menstruation.

Oral sex is not permissible both during and after menstruation, either. A woman must let her husband know when her menstruation begins and ends.