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The site was excavated in 1972-73 prior to flooding by the Tabqua/Tabqa Dam.

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SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: settlement pattern study CATEGORY: technique; term DEFINITION: The study of ancient human occupation and activity patterns within a specified area -- the distribution of features and sites, buildings, and other constructions in relation to the topography of a given area.

Archaeological studies of settlement patterns deal with such matters as urbanization, the relationship between town, village, and countryside, and the operation of administrative centers.

Findings reflect the relationship of the inhabitants with their environment, and the relationship of groups with each other within that environment.

Factors influencing the pattern of settlement in any area may include the subsistence strategy, the political structure, the social structure, population density, and farms of the early 2nd millennium AD in Orange Free State and Transvaal, South Africa.

The end of the Umayyad dynasty meant a shift in power from Syria to Iraq.

The Abbasids' settlement in Baghdad marked the beginning of the golden age of Arabic literature.

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