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For information on how to setup the XSD compiler and runtime library paths in Visual Studio IDE refer to the installer instructions (package) or the accompanying README file (package).The custom Css class value is used to ensure we can reliably identify the Captcha textbox from client-side code. NET controls don't neccessarily have predictable client-side identifiers (depending on the Since Bot Detect deletes the Captcha code stored on the server after failed validation of a particular Captcha instance (as explained in the Bot Detect FAQ), we must avoid validating the user input before the user finished typing in the whole Captcha code. Due to the above (failed validation invalidates the stored code for security purposes), we must also always reload the Captcha image when remote validation fails.Otherwise the user would be trying to correct his input based on an expired image, and couldn't pass Captcha validation at all. I've scanned through SO and noticed a comment saying that 3.0 wasn't finalized so it wasn't available for 2008, but was unsure if this applied to 2010. Microsoft developers have released an update to the web standards to include CSS 3.0 in Visual Studio.Web Standards Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 After a simple installation, you will have the CSS 3.0 option in Visual Studio.

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We do this by customizing the j Query.validate The input form code is functionally identical to the basic Captcha example, with only the Captcha validation error and success messages changed to make it easier to follow the interaction between client-side and server-side validation. NET j Query Validation Captcha example project is installed at: The Visual Studio 2008 / . We left the server-side Captcha validation (implemented in the basic Captcha example) in place, ensuring that any bots or users with Java Script disabled have their input checked. NET j Query Validation Captcha example project is installed at: The Visual Studio 2010 / . NET 3.5 source has no essential differences from the Visual Studio 2013 / Visual Studio 2012 / .