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18-Oct-2015 02:23

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You’re more than free to request a ‘where to meet dudes in China’ article and I’ll write it although I can’t promise it will be very good…

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In China, what you see and how things actually are are almost always different. Sure, this is true about the world in general, just 190% more in China than elsewhere.

This will make more sense if you’ve been to China and have experienced the culture.

Welcome to another edition of ‘Stuff From Kane’s Brain’ Today, we are here to talk about how YOU can meet GIRLS in CHINA.

If you’re a gay dude, then sorry, this article probably won’t help you.

All girls will, however, spend a lot of time watching tv, sleeping, and eating.

Chinese society hasn’t programmed people to be out going, have lots of hobbies, or do anything that isn’t productive in terms of education and money, so don’t expect Chinese girls to be popping up with ‘interesting’ bits to their lives.