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If not, then congratulations: you don’t like Tim and Eric! Known for their surreal, gross, confusing, and intentionally campy humor, “Tim and Eric” is a familiar phrase to anyone who grew up with Adult Swim. Tim and Eric is a longstanding comedy duo between best friends Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.You have no idea what’s going on, nothing you’re seeing makes sense, and you’ll probably assume you’re having some sort of fever dream.By the time you realize what you’re seeing is real, you’ll no doubt be left with a haze of confusion and a number of concerns.I personally started out hating them, but I’ve slowly grown obsessed with their bizarre comedy over the past few months. Humor is how we cope with the nonsense of the world; it’s a positive reaction to something that logically should just frustrate or befuddle you.So I want to understand exactly what’s wrong with me. It can be argued that one of the most relatable forms of suffering is confusion.

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I think this is what lies at the heart of Tim and Eric’s comedy. My grandfather loves Adult Swim, but mostly for the cartoons like AMERICAN DAD and FAMILY GUY.Whether you find it funny or not, that “Sit on You” video probably left you with more than a few questions. Why are his victims only mildly annoyed by his antics? Tim and Eric are masters of confusing comedy, and after watching one of their skits, there’s three fundamental questions you’re likely to ask. Whenever Tim and Eric comes on, he quickly becomes confused and frustrated at the “weird infomercials” that keep playing. You’re flipping through the channels, or you fell asleep with the TV on, and suddenly you’re assaulted by bizarre, disturbing, and gross infomercials.I never got into Tim and Eric until I realized that this was entirely intentional.The show itself is a troll designed to make you wonder why it exists in the first place.

They got their big break in 2004 with TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR, but they didn’t become household names until the debut of their flagship series, “TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW: GREAT JOB! Despite their massive success over the past 10 years, they’re still very polarizing figures—their brand of humor is an acquired taste at best. READ: The Savory Satire of First, we need to come to an understanding of what comedy is.Even people who like them describe their comedy as more akin to watching a train wreck than anything else. I’m of the school of thought that all humor is rooted in some form of suffering.

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