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19-May-2016 11:17

My daughter said mum I can see his willy, that's not right is it, she said it quite loud, she is 6 and we had the chat about private parts are private etc etc. When we was in the changing room I said to her I didn't think it was right people letting people seeing there private parts but some people think its ok.We did complain about the pool being freezing and only being in there 20 mins and asked if it was ok for people to walk around naked and they said no but there was nothing they could do about it.What do you think is it OK for people to be naked like this or not.I felt very uncomfortable when I was there and think that its not right.Not sure what the issue is, we are born naked all have the same (apart from lady and men specific bits).

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I remember being at school about 11 and my teacher getting in the buff before swimming lesson that was lols at the time but positive in the sense of natural normalcy.

When I go swimming with my son we change In private cubicle.

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