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If you leave it blank, then Access accepts it without any checks.If this isn’t the behavior you want, then just set the Required property to Yes to make the field mandatory, as described on Data Integrity Basics.When you enter a negative number, Access pops up a message box with the validation text you defined, as shown here.Once you click OK, you return to your field, which remains in edit mode.For numbers, the most common technique is to check that the value falls in a certain range.In other words, you want to check that a number is less than or greater than another value.The following sections give you some quick and easy starting points for validating different data types.Access uses your validation rule only if a field contains some content.

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Whenever someone adds a new record or edits a record, Access makes sure the data lives up to your validation rules. You’ll start out easy, with a validation rule that prevents a numeric field from accepting 0 or any negative number (and in the following sections you’ll hone your rule-writing abilities so you can tackle other data types).

If it doesn’t, then Access presents an error message and forces you to edit the offending data and try again. Here’s how to add your validation rule:0 prevents negative numbers in the Price field.

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