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Our programs are infused with Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching practices, with strategies that respect, affirm, and build upon differing languages, varieties and cultures.We aspire to enhance educator’s awareness and understanding of unbiased teaching practices, and to help educators realize the faulty nature of deficit-based thinking.This webinar was a discussion on how teachers can validate and affirm the home language of students with a particular focus on writing and academic language. Hollie outlined three steps: This webinar will be of interest to K-12 teachers and educators at all levels who want to understand how to affirm the home language of students of all ages in school and in their academic programs.Professor Sharroky Hollie is a national educator who provides professional development to thousands of educators in the area of cultural responsiveness. Hollie has trained over 150,000 educators and worked in nearly 2000 classrooms.In highly charged moments validation can be so crucial and clarifying.Validation is a skill that’s so very elusive to many of us.In fact, it’s often left unexplained and definitely not often modeled in our families, churches and/or culture.

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WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING Created by leading experts, our language & literacy innovations enable teachers to meet the unique instructional needs of linguistically diverse students.We believe language development support helps all children succeed academically.But it’s absolutely crucial to effective communication and to the fulfillment of our craving for connection with our mates.You might want to record these questions and keep them in a place where you can retrieve them easily, like on a handy index card tucked in your wallet or on a note-keeping app on your smart phone, etc.

In addition to his experience in education, he has authored several texts and journal articles.

Most recently, he wrote Strategies for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning (2015) and contributed a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of African American Language (2015).