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04-Mar-2015 07:58

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Thank you, John-Paul I just read question or sharath. Actually his problem is like at the run time when he runs his HTML file, the cursor will have to transfer in file & performs all the operations (like sending mail) but instead of getting output he got whole code as output whatever he wrote in php file so why code is displayed & not the output. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest Regards, Scott MThis article is very interesting. I "inherited" the maintenance of some websites that use similar PHP functions for the contact forms, so this helps me understand what is going on. Hello Lou, Since the php runs off the server, the functionality should not be affected.

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$check3 .""; mail($to,$subject,$message,$from); }}? You can paste the entire code directly in the body section of your webpage to get it working. These are normally found in the CSS files/statements in the page. BUT, I'm having a big problem with browser compatibility. The browser incompatibility will likely come in display inconsistencies."; //Site name // Change this to your email address you want to form sent to $to = "[email protected]"; $subject = "Admin - Our Site! It looks like the issue is a result of the "FROM" setting for the form. I followed your suggestion and now all the emails are coming to inbox folder instead going to spam. The original php code has: By doing this, email will come to inbox with a valid reference email address and this will prevent email going into spam folder. =def Val &&inp.val(def Val=true Val

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PHP is a great scripting language that allows many dynamic functions in your site. There are many applications out there that make it easy to create a website that uses primarily PHP, but I would suggest using Word Press.

You can create custom forms, form validation, and email responses using PHP. Our Word Press Education Channel provides a lot of information on how to install and start using the application.

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