Validating an email address with javascript love dating site in south korea

16-Apr-2016 01:37

I'm trying to improve my Java Script (I'm usually a copy/paste guy but can do basic DOM stuff with j Query too), so I decided to try and make a function to validate an email address without using Regex.

The code seems to work, but I'm interested in hearing how it could be improved.

Last time I checked, they were primarily known to spread broken/wrong information.

Please link to the nicely formatted and readable standard or for example the Mozilla docs [email protected] Russ89 - it is generally accepted that there is no better way to validate an e-mail than to actually send an e-mail, and get a response..... This comes up often:… You can look up great references from Douglas Crockford on some Do's and Don'ts of Javascript to also improve your skills. You Tube will have many of his lectures for review.

Also, I agree with Gaby -- emails do accept so many valid characters, including ones we've never thought would be acceptable.Lastly, here's code that I quickly modified for yours.