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The House of Grimaldi is the longest ruling monarchy in Europe, dating back to 1297, when Francois Grimaldi seized the fortress protecting Monaco.

Legend has it that he dressed as a monk to overcome opposing troops: an event that is depicted on the royal coat of arms.

Divided into five districts, on Monaco holidays there are fantastic areas to visit.

Two of the most famous being Monaco Ville, home to the Princes’ Palace, and Monte Carlo, Monaco is best discovered on foot.

During the 20th century international interest and Hollywood glamour was brought to the principality with the marriage of Prince Rainier to American actress Grace Kelly.

As much a part of Monaco as the rock on which their palace is built, the royal family enjoys a close relationship with their citizens, the Monegasques.

With no natural resources to exploit other than its location and climate, the principality has become a popular resort for tourists and a tax haven for businesses.

Although not a member of the European Union, there are no border formalities crossing from France to Monaco, and the principality uses the Euro as its currency.

This tiny slither of land wedged between the Alps and the Mediterranean has had very few options to expand, explaining a preponderance of skyscrapers to the north and properties built on land reclaimed from the sea to the south.Somerset Maugham described Monaco as ‘a sunny place for shady people’ but much has changed since his epithet became famous in the 1930’s.