Utorrent dht keeps updating

21-Jan-2016 05:16

Not in a way that affects the hash, but though the addition of trackers. Every client that runs this torrent will announce to this tracker. This was developed in 2005 to deal with the problem of unreliable trackers.

Used to be 3 now it’s 5, which is odd since I only had one tracker – the Pirate Party of Canada’s Ca PT tracker – on the torrent of No Safe Harbor when I uploaded it. At that time, the concept of multiple trackers was still not widespread, and not many clients handled them.

2.8megabytes/second average works out to about 7.25 terabytes of data over 30 days. Then we get to the responses, which is when the tracker sends data back to the client.

We’ll assume 25 peers are being sent back, because there are always small swarms, which won’t have enough peers for the default 50. In theory, every client should announce to this tracker as well, but the reality is a little different.

But now there are five if you get it via TPB, and they are: So what’s going on then? DHT, based loosely on Kademlia, was the more robust solution.

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So there are 27,778 requests of 100 bytes hitting the tracker every second.That’s 2,777,800 bytes every second, or close to 2.8 megabytes (or 16.8 Mbit), each and every second, and that soon adds up.You see, one of the leading causes of tracker instabilities is just one thing – Traffic. Right now, on the front page it says The actual value may differ when you read this, but let’s just take that as a starting point, and round it down to 50 million.The average bittorrent client updates to a tracker roughly every 30 minutes.

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It’s an approximation that helps keep the maths a little simpler, but also takes into account starting, stopping, etc. Well, 1800 seconds in that 30 minute period, so it’s Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Something very popular comes out, and that figure will rise, but we’ll round it to a whole number, and again keep it simple.So don’t take these figures as the worlds most accurate figure, just some ballpark ones to work from. Each TCP tracker request is (again to make things simple) about 100 bytes long.

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