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09-Sep-2015 00:07

Gather a load of firewood for you parents or neighbor 164.

Play checkers or chess in the park or on a rock in the mountains 123.

Play water balloon volleyball or feather volleyball 122.

Build snow sculptures at the dorms or institute 34.

Drive out to the desert and spell words with rocks 41.

Ever needing some inspiration for something to do for your next date?

Build a snowman on a park, hospital, or school lawn 28.

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Play games and pop popcorn with background music 105. Find words in license plates, or find the alphabet in order 118. play board games with your date’s family CHURCH RELATED 124. Make cookies and deliver them to a widow or a friend having a birthday 148. Prepare holiday treats and take them to the hospital or care center 147. Wash a car, tune the engine, clean the inside and outside of a car.

Hike to a waterfall and see if you can follow the feeding stream 50. Take the tram to the top of a ski lift in the summer and hike down 52. Take a long ride or walk with your date and several little children 54. Have tennis tournament (add breakfast for before school/work) 61.