User group policy not updating managua women dating

12-Oct-2016 22:45

I am in the process of moving my users off of Desktop Authority(DA) and on Group Policy(GP) completely.

A week ago we moved our printer policy from DA to GP.

Alright after calling upon the almighty Google I have been unable to find a good solutions to this problem along with many other users.

So I am turning to Server Fault for some support here.

I am using item level targeting to choose which printers are assigned to users.When delete the users printers and run gpupdate /force everything applies correctly, but when I have all of the printers connected already and change my default printer then run gpupdate /force, nothing happens.Google has provided a bunch of different solutions, most of which don't work except things like "Well remove all printers when a user logs off" which isn't really acceptable because we have settings that users set on their printers that I don't want being removed every time they log off.Original title: I have Vista on my home pc and need help A few days ago when my daughter(8) tried to log in this is the message received "Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client service.

Looking at the results of gpresults /h provides me with this error.The user 'HP600_PA - Default' preference item in the 'Printers {C125938A-E046-46CE-9908-F0ADDAB9B9C8}' Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x80070bc4 No printers were found.' This error was suppressed.

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