Updating the destination list has failed

10-Apr-2015 02:59

updating the destination list has failed-83

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After adding or updating a Pronto Forms Data Destination, it is important to test it thoroughly before using it in production.A Data Destination executes each time that a form linked to the data destination is submitted.

updating the destination list has failed-32

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Without thorough testing, these errors can make it into production before being spotted.

Save yourself production errors and delays by testing your destinations before deploying to your users.

[ top ] The only way to test a data destination is to submit a data record against a form linked to the data destination.

While some data destination configuration issues will become obvious when a form is submitted (like if the execution fails), other configuration errors may not be immediately noticeable.

When it executes, the Data Destination then attempts to route data to the configured location.Executions (one per destination per data record) are listed in the web administration portal for 45 days, the same period that data records are retained.