Updating stock quotes in excel

19-Feb-2015 21:18

Using the curl example below, we can retrieve a single stock price from Yahoo Finance.In this case we are retrieving the stock price for Google, whose symbol is "goog".The simplest way I have found is to save the results of the curl script in a text file and then import that file into Excel.I recommend the web query browser under Windows, which lets you select the table you want (instead of the entire web page).One you have your query defined in an Excel sheet under Windows, you can continue in Excel for Mac.I've been working on a mock stock portfolio in Excel, and I've been looking for ways to automatically update the data, eg. I have tried using a web query to MSN Money, but that just brings up the whole stock quote across multiple cells, I want data to be updated in individual cells only.The only web query solution I can think of is if someone hosted a website where each value in the stock quote was saved on a different HTML file.To my personal frustration, time and time again I find the Excel for Mac is only half of the Excel for Windows...

In the Mac terminal, type "curl and it will return the HTML for Yahoo's home page.

Yahoo makes it possible to retrieve a single stock quote via HTTP.

I could then Web Query to that file for each cell requiring that value. So in essence, is there any tool on Excel 2011 Mac that will let me pull individual values from a stock quote and assign them to a single cell?

See this link, which explains how you can create a "web query" in Excel for Mac.

Yahoo makes it easy for us to retrieve several quotes at once.In the example below we are retrieving quotes for Google, Yahoo and General Mills whose symbols are, "goog", "yhoo" and "gis". Now that we can retrieve multiple stock quotes, we need to get them into Excel.