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05-Sep-2015 08:39

When you purchase bare in mind that you can normally purchase for 1,3 or 5 years, the longer you purchase for the cheaper they are and less admin work each year.

Note that if you intend to use a mobile device to sync email with exchange 2013 or exchange 2016 hen you must buy an SSL certificate.

To start, make sure you are logged in to the Exchange 2013 ECP / EAC.

Just save it in a local valid share and give a a valid name such as As you can see my certificate request is now created, you now need to select a certificate provider see below for recommendations, submit this request file and they will then provide you with a certificate to answer the certificate request – this may take a few hours or more.

I recommend Go Daddy or SSL2BUY as far as price goes they are as competitive as it gets and I have purchased unified SSL certificates for clients numerous times, they auto renew the certs yearly so you will not get issues with certificates expiring as you receive notification.

The next screen simply asks you where you would like to save the request file.

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This guide accompanies my information guide on Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016 SANs, SSL and UCC, if you have not read it then take time to here, then continue with your install here.

In this guide we will create an SSL certificate request in Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016, you can then go off and purchase the SSL Certificate, we will then install the certificate that we have purchased on-line and apply it to the services that we are going to run such as Outlook Web Access ( OWA ).

In this situation we will use the domain https://mail.( this does not exist but this is used for example). Then decide on your CA provider, we will use Go Daddy here. Then simply give the Certificate request a simple recognizable name as below then click next.

The next screen is optional , if you plan on buying a wild card certificate (to cover *.yourdomain.com) tick the box and enter a root domain, I’m not going to use a wildcard but if I was my root domain would be techieshelp.local. The next screen asks you what domains will be connected to with this certificate, I’m only going to use OWA as that’s all I’ve selected, it matters not as we can change the domains we want on the next screen.

When we create a certificate request what we are doing is creating a request for a certificate that we can provide to the likes of Go Daddy that tells them to create a certificate that trusts the domains names ( or Subject Alternative Names ) that we specify.

Below we will create a certificate so that internal users of Outlook can connect to the internal Exchange 2013/2016 server name, use Autodiscover to auto-configure Outlook, we will also add to the certificate request the external domain the we will user for OWA. Then Certificates, on the sub menu click the + sign to create and new certificate. As you can see we are going to Create a request for a certificate from a certification authority.