Updating samsung galaxy s 2 linux Nude pics from netmeeting

02-May-2015 08:20

Source XDA instructions below thanks to ricky310711 and Phil3759 on XDAGain root, custom recovery, prep for modding on your S5 Universal root method for all variants klte CWM Advanced Edition Phil Z Touch for S5 CWM Advanced Edition / Phil Z Touch 6.26.6 OK so the first Custom rom I have flashed is Alliance Rom I'm not going to post any how to's at this stage because it's still in dev and you should use the above xda forum link if you are going to try the beta release I've assisted with development testing including finding an NFC bug that is caused by flashing an aussie G900I to G900F kernel. EDIT: obtained an SD card, root works verified by titanium backup Thanks so much! Is this the "Internal" SDcard or the "External" SDcard?

To fix that you will need the files found here Here are a few screen shots of my skin with this rom can the S5be put in internal? Also, is the "backup to SDcard" really necessary or can it be deleted afterwards, as its taking up quite a bit of internal SDcard room...? I used Odin last night to install the Taiwan stock ROM and really like the camera shortcut on the lock screen as well as my own custom dock.

So my question / idea is that if we had a serial number of a device from Taiwan, then we could just use Kies to update our devices?

I did some google searching on this but the options are not clear Basically you need Odin to do the job which is a leaked Samsung tool if you don't have a windows PC at your disposal then I recommend spinning windows up as a dual boot or on a spare hdd for the job rather than trying to find a poorly documented solution. I ended up digging out an old Windows Laptop and used cf-auto-root. Now I'm ready to install a custom ROM, but not sure which one yet.

Samsung bloatware keeps getting more and more annoying.

I do want to use Xpose and xprivacy, but that broke s-health with the stock ROM.

I did have some issues when I restored data from Kies and was receiving some weird calendar errors.

So, I just reset the device and only restored my SMS and call logs, since most everything else would restore from Google anyways, and now it's working great.

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Are you holding the button combo in until it starts going into download mode? I've got a Telstra model S5 and it's actually pretty laggy, especially when entering text.I'm guessing this will void the warranty once I do it. I've not done the root in a while – we know that the Optus variant of this phone comes with additional TDD 2300 Mhz band for 4G+ coverage.