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At that point, the displayed value returns to the original value, not to the newly selected value.I've tried using Selected Item instead of Selected Value, but that ends up with the selected value not showing in the Combo Box. I changed the binding to Two Way, tried changing a whole host of other things.Math Works Machine Translation The automated translation of this page is provided by a general purpose third party translator tool.Math Works does not warrant, and disclaims all liability for, the accuracy, suitability, or fitness for purpose of the translation. Hardware watchdog enabled Booting to milestone "milestone/single-user:default".I think this was fundamentally your problem from the beginning which caused you to try to bind to Selected Value instead of Selected Item.Rebooting with command: boot -s Boot device: /[email protected],700000/[email protected]/[email protected],0 File and args: -s Sun OS Release 5.10 Version Generic_118833-36 64-bit Copyright 1983-2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Hostname: tokgecpr21 ERROR: svc:/system/filesystem/minimal:default failed to mount /tmp (see 'svcs -x' for details) Nov 3 svc.startd[7]: svc:/system/filesystem/minimal:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/fs-minimal" failed with exit status 95.

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Add(new Customer() { First Name = "John", Last Name = "Doe", State = new State() { Short Name = "OH" } }); Customers. Add(new State() { Short Name = "IN" }); } } public class Customer { public string First Name { get; set; } public string Last Name { get; set; } public State State { get; set; } } public class State { public string Short Name { get; set; } public State() { Short Name = string.Add(new Customer() { First Name = "Sally", Last Name = "Smith", State = new State() { Short Name = "IN" } }); USStates = new List(); USStates. Empty; } public override bool Equals(object obj) { if (obj is State) { State other State = obj as State; return Short Name. Short Name); } else { return false; } } } In order for the Selected Item to bind properly I need to ensure that I have overriden the Equals method on my entity since under the hood, WPF is using this method to determine who is the Selected Item or not.