Updating my nuvi

17-Apr-2016 04:57

updating my nuvi-42

not updating sent mail ipad ios 7

Hello everyone, I have a question on what I should do. I never updated it before and I need to do it now but I am not sure if I should update it for or just buy a new Garmin. Is it worth updating a GPS that is 4-5 years old or am i better off getting a new one.

I am willing to spend up to 0 thanks If you buy a new unit you'll loss MP3 and audio book support if that's important to you and you'll be trading in the preplanned route ability for the Trip Planner.

On the other hand you'll be gaining, among other things, Junction Views, Lane Assist, larger brighter screen, more internal storage for the ever increasing map file size, and free traffic and lifetime map updates on many models.

The 7xx series is a pretty good model but at this point IMO your better off putting your 0 into the price of a new unit instead of updating maps on the old one.

It is less prone to "quirks" in its handling of pre-planned routes than my newer zumo 660 and is very compact and easy to carry for pedestrian use.

You can get a feature filled Nuvi with lifetime map updates and traffic for 0 these days.

Have a look at https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do? c ID=134 for the current models and remember the prices shown are Garmin list and can be obtained from authorized dealers for less money.

I do not disagree with Rick, but would offer the other side of the coin.

I have a 760 and it is in many ways the best Garmin I've owned.

Depending on where you use your 760, new maps may or may not be that important.

I already have lifetime maps for my 760 and I purchased them for a lot less than .-dan My 760 is my backup these days. All three use the same power cord which is convenient.