Updating my cv

17-Apr-2015 15:56

Flexible regarding moving from project to project and in assimilating new technologies. Now looking to continue making a significant contribution within design and development, leading a technical team or consultancy role on interim basis or permanent management position. Your IT Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first point of interaction between you, the job applicant and potential employers.

Therefore, it is vital that your CV is well written and targeted with a career statement i.e.

To find out how to write field-specific CVs, you can contact me (Mike Kelley 0191 2514000) a professional CV writer or from IT CV templates that are available on this website.

These CV templates are also designed to highlight your accomplishments, thus benefiting both you and the employer.

it should specify job areas (not position for which you are applying).

Anything more specific such as the Job profile can be communicated in the cover letter (also included in the download IT CV template pack).When looking for a job in a specific field, a general CV simply will not do.

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