Updating kaspersky virus removal tool Chatsixe grill

08-Jun-2016 10:59

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a free on-demand virus scanner for the Windows operating system designed to remove virus threats from machines running Windows.

Since it is an on-demand scanner, it does not offer any protection against future malware attacks on the system which makes it a suitable program to remove existing malware from PCs or to check systems to make sure they are clean and not infected.

The application itself is portable and requires no installation.

You can run it right after you have downloaded the 90 Megabyte file to the local system.

It contains all quarantined items and reports and is located on the c: drive by default. It displays a disclaimer on start that you need to accept before you can start to scan the system.Tip: Use the parameter -d to create the data folder in a different location on the system, e.g. You may change parameters with a click on the link in the interface but the options are fairly limited.