Updating group policy in windows xp

17-Jun-2015 08:32

If a user requests remote assistance from an administrator and the remote assistance session is established, any elevation prompts appear on the interactive user's secure desktop and the administrator's remote session is paused.

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For more information about each of the Group Policy settings, see the Group Policy description.

There are 10 Group Policy settings that can be configured for User Account Control (UAC).

The table lists the default for each of the policy settings, and the following sections explain the different UAC policy settings and provide recommendations.

The options are: The User Account Control: Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop policy setting controls whether User Interface Accessibility (UIAccess or UIA) programs can automatically disable the secure desktop for elevation prompts used by a standard user.

The options are: UIA programs are designed to interact with Windows and application programs on behalf of a user.

However, selecting this check box requires that the interactive user respond to an elevation prompt on the secure desktop.