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12-Mar-2016 18:20

Can ssh to the box, but get a "Permission denied (publickey)" message when initiating the ssh session so no luck there...

FYI – Get "connection refused" when attempting to connect on http(80), https(443) or telnet(23), so appears these ports are not listening/or blocked on the box.

Obviously Telstra have it modified so probably have closed this port too. Must be a general USART port also means that the USART supports the RS232, RS485, modem and ISO7816 (T=0 and T=1) protocols.

I was interested in the phone thing, not sure what it's called but it comes with the same deal as the T-box. The public key have the role of letting you in without a password but still having encrypted connection. That says to me that Telstra weren't expecting on selling too many of them as a USB b/g/n card would be significantly more expensive than a built in Intel wireless card.

However even having the right public key encrypted with the right technique (rsa, dsa, other) may not be enough to get in via ssh. If this thing can load XBMC it will be the greatest home entertainment gadget of all time!

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I'll let others with more time and determination proceed with this...:-) Regards, Buckers According to the original firmware ( there also should be telnet on port 7272. I am dying to get mine now :) if all the ports are closed there should be a internal rs232 connector for modifying the unit trough unsecured telnet socket (most of those type of linux devices have one for service purposes) According to ( Sheet-N8000-series.pdf) there is a Smartcard ISO7816 slot.