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27-Nov-2015 05:51

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It happened to many people before and, knock on wood, it may happen to you too one day.While you update or restore your i Phone or i Pod touch your device might go into a never-ending restart loop without displaying the Home screen, it may not complete the update/restore and i Tunes will no longer recognize it or, the worst, your device will just stop responding while displaying a plain Apple logo or a stopped progress bar.All you have to do is to place your i Phone / i Pod touch in recovery mode and attempt to restore it again.If you are lucky, in certain situations, your device will take you the easy route and automatically go into recovery mode after experiencing an update or restore problem.All you can do now is select CYDIA and hope that CYDIA has your SHSH saved. The stated Unknown error 3194 indicates that Hosts file of computer is pointing to Cydia and not Apple. It might be how itunes is on your computer, or your internet Updating [closed] i need major help Just Boot - Redsn0w help!!![closed] Can't create a 5.0.1 Custom IPSW for Ipod Touch 3rd Generation i Phone totally death [closed] How to Upgrade i Phone 4S from IOS 6.0 to 6.1.2 instead of 6.1.3?

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There is a solution to your problem and it is simpler than you think.

If you are unable to turn off your i Phone or i Pod touch this way, just press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. When reconnected with the USB cable, the device should automatically power on. If you don't see the "Connect to i Tunes" screen, try the steps again.

@JBkid: i have tried this one but no way...:( @A08: i have checked all the shsh validity... From my understanding, on i OS 5.0+ you can start doing OTA updates?

(result valid only SHSH for ios 5.1.1) all the shsh are not valid (exept for ios 5.1.1) all the shsh have been downloaded via tinyumbrella (exept ios 5.1.1 shsh) and i tried to redownload all SHSHs via tinyumbrella's cydia's server and on log appears that: 03/10/2014 .930 APPLE is NOT signing i Pod4G 4.1 (*) SHSH requests anymore. :( Thanks anyway By N3r0 If you want to update to i OS 6.1.6, do it in i Tunes. So why don't you OTA update to 6.1.6 then restore in itunes (remember to back up) Or if you didn't want to OTA or you can't restore while on OTA 6.1.6, then just find a computer (internet cafe? Etc) and install a fresh version of itunes, authorize it, then backup, then update.

If your i Phone or i Pod touch is already in recovery mode, you can go ahead and restore it using i Tunes.

If i Tunes displayed an alert with an error code, go to THIS Apple Support article before going through the procedure presented here.

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