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08-Feb-2015 09:26

They can do anything from preventing floods to greeting users and banning advertisers from channels.

You can also link multiple Eggdrop bots together to form a botnet.

One of the features that makes Eggdrop stand out from other bots is module and Tcl scripting support.

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Last revised: Jul 2, 2016 README ====== Please at least SKIM this document before asking questions. NOTICE ------ Please read this file carefully before trying to set up Eggdrop.

This allows users to have the same access on every bot on your botnet.

In fact, READ IT if you've never successfully set up an Eggdrop bot before. Also, make SURE that you select your +n (owner) users wisely! ONLY GIVE THIS POWER TO SOMEONE YOU TRUST COMPLETELY!! ---------------- Eggdrop is the World's most popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot; it is freely distributable under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Eggdrop is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon by both novice and advanced IRC users on a variety of hardware and software platforms.

An IRC bot is a program that sits on an IRC channel and performs automated tasks while looking just like a normal user on the channel.

Some of these functions include protecting the channel from abuse, allowing privileged users to gain op or voice status, logging channel events, providing information, hosting games, etc.