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There, add the Delphi6 executable to the list of exceptions for DEP. Add the DEVCPPLIBS environment variable to Delphi's IDE options: select "Tools-Environment options...", then the "Environment Variables" tab, and under "User overrides" choose "New" and add variable name DEVCPPLIBS pointing to the path were you installed the libraries discussed avobe ($USERNAME\devcpp_libs or equivalent).Delphi6 and Vista don't play too well together, so expect some problems from time to time. Recently, the designer wx-related portion of wx Dev C++ has been refactored from the code in order to make a plugin out of it.To install, you'll need to register with Borland (registration is free) and request a key to install. Download and install the Delphi 6 Personal Edition Update #2 (File D6_Upd2_per) NOTE: This is not needed for Delphi 7 D6_Upd2_4.Go to click on the "Keys Only, Personal, 6.0" link at the bottom of the page. Download and install Delphi 6 Personal Edition Pascal Run Time Library Patch #2 (File del6_per_rtl2) NOTE: This is not needed for Delphi 7 del6_per_rtl25.Follow the SVN Access tutorial You will also need additional packages which are in the directory called devcpp_libs.7z. Unzip these files to the top directory of your SVN checkout.They include the Delphi packages for JEDI JCL/JVCL, Syn Edit, Theme Manager, Ext Lib, Graphic Ex, Fast Code, and Fast MM. Download and install Borland Delphi 6 Personal Edition.

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If you can't find Delphi 6 PE, then you may need to search for Delphi 7 PE and take note of the Delphi 7 tips in the rest of this tutorial.Also, if you're using 64bit version of Vista, you need to disable Vista DEP feature for delphi: right click "computer" at the start menu, select "Properties", then "Advanced system settings" on the left tasks panel. It works just like the C language, which also creates files. Install extlib from devcpp_libs\extlib\Ext Lib_D6As with Theme Manager (step 8), Delphi 6 will start and load the package. The package should be something like "GExperts for Delphi 6.02". When installing, only mad Basic and mad Except3 are required.After that choose "Settings" in the "Performace" section of the dialog. DFM This file holds the forms (windows) used in the project, usually linked to its counterpart that has the same name. Just click on the install button in the popup window and wait for Delphi to tell you that things successfully installed. Install Syn Edit from devcpp_libs\synedit\Packages\Syn Edit_D6_11. Install Class Browser from packages\Parser\Class 12. The last version known to work with our IDE was example, it is probable that you can't open the IDE by double-clicking a project file; you'll have to open the IDE first and then select to open projects from there. Because of this, the current sources contain 3 project files to work with, all of them sharing the same sources files, so if you change something on one project it will probably affect the others and so on.

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The installer is usually built in the directory C:\Program Files\Borland Delphi Personal Installer. Download and install Delphi 6 Personal Edition Pascal Run Time Library Patch #3 (File del6per_rtl3).NOTE: This is not needed for Delphi 7 Delphi6_RTL3-Vista Only- If you're running Windows Vista, you need to give complete folder permissions in the Delphi6 installation folder for "Everyone". When you compile a project, this file will be created for every file in the source code and for the components. (Note that this is the file in the source\Packages directory, not the file in source directory). Install mad Collection (not necessarily required) Download the package from the link on the navigation bar on the left.