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26-Apr-2016 23:59

(True, you have to provide a connection string rather than simply the path to the file, but Visual Studio 2005 can automatically create appropriate connection strings for those databases residing in your folder.) In this article we'll examine the Sql Data Source in detail, just touching upon the one difference in the Access Data Source.

Furthermore, the Sql Data Source and Access Data Source controls can be used to both access and modify data; however, this article only examines accessing data.

With both of these controls you can specify the clause as properties of the Data Source controls.

The code to connect to the database, issue the command, and retrieve the results is handled internally by the Data Source control.

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In fact, the Access Data Source control is really superfluous since Microsoft Access databases can be accessed through the Sql Data Source control just as easily.

For this article I'm going to demonstrate connecting to, retrieving, and displaying data from the Microsoft Access Northwind database, which is included in the download.

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