Updating datagridview in c

18-Jun-2016 00:39

Additionally, the architecture of the Data Grid View control makes it much easier to extend and customize than the Data Grid control.Lastly, a best practice section concludes the main part of this document.Most sections contain a Q & A section that answers common questions regarding the specific feature or area covered by the section.See below for details on the differences between the Data Grid and Data Grid View controls.The Data Grid View control provides numerous basic and advanced features that are missing in the Data Grid control.The Data Grid View control is highly configurable and extensible, and it provides many properties, methods, and events to customize its appearance and behavior.When you want your Windows Forms application to display tabular data, consider using the Data Grid View control before others (for example, Data Grid).The Data Grid View control is the new grid control for Windows Froms 2.0.

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If you are displaying a small grid of read-only values, or if you are enabling a user to edit a table with millions of records, the Data Grid View control will provide you with a readily programmable, memory-efficient solution.

The Data Grid View control replaces and adds functionality to the Data Grid control; however, the Data Grid control is retained for both backward compatibility and future use, if you choose.

This document is divided into about 5 logical sections starting with a feature and structure overview, followed by an overview of built‑in column and cell types.

Next is an overview of working with data, followed by an overview of specific major features.

Note that some questions are duplicated in multiple sections based upon the section relevancy.The question and answers with code samples/snippets are contained in this documents only appendix to make for a one-stop shop of code.

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