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ASF's National Karst Index Database is a searchable database of approximately 6,500 cave and karst features throughout Australia.

The Karst Index Database is available for the use of ASF Members, cave researchers, cave managers and members of the public.

And in the new KI system, it will be used for example to identify which club supplied data.

The Karst Index Database contains an extensive amount of information.

The data on caves covers many aspects such as their length, depth, extent and physical characteristics, geology & geomorphology, known hazards & difficulties, discovery & biology.

The publicly available username and password is: Username: guest Password: kranki As you may know, in preparing the 1985 KI data ASF issued each club with a unique 3-letter code to identify it in various cave documentation situations.

For example, it is used in the ASF cave map numbering scheme to identify which club numbered the map.

For further information about the software used for this project see About this Software.

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The Karst Index Database contains some fields that are not publically available.

Cave researchers, cave managers and ASF members who have specific needs for further information can contact the Karst Index Database Access Group.