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19-May-2015 16:25

For firmware November 2011 and later it will include timers created on the Toppy as well as those created via Ice TV Interactive.The only difference is that rather than selecting USB you select 'Network Firmware Upgrade'. There is only one version of the firmware for each Toppy model on the server, and it may be the same build, or an earlier build, than that already on the Toppy.You should see your USB device next to USB Firmware Upgrade. Once installed perform another full factory reset, reboot the PVR, and then scan your channels and setup your timers.If you use TMSTimer you can restore timers if you backed them up before the firmware installation. If you use Ice TV Interactive, your use Ice TV interactive to resend all timers.There are 2 ways to update your firmware: It is recommended that you update manually as the firmware available from the update server (at Topfield Europe) has not always been tested locally.For the 71+ you need to select the firmware build with the you units System ID as there are two different system IDs. If you use internet update it will only look for updates with the same System ID.All the HD Topfield models can have their firmware updated.

For example, various firmware have introduced recording 4 services, wireless support, NTFS support, and Home Media.

Each firmware is standalone, not cumulative, so you can install either a newer or older firmware than the one currently installed.

This will be a file with an extension of - if it is a zip file then you must first unpack the file and extract the file out.

Next, format a USB stick in FAT format and copy the firmware file to the top level directory of the USB stick. First perform a full factory reset on the PVR (Installation Menu-Firmware Upgrade.

If you use TMSTimer you can save your timers and restore them after the firmware update has been made. Changes to the firmware require abundant caution installation.Once the initial service scan has been completed, do a factory reset, power off the Toppy. If you do not follow this procedure output will be stuck 576i and output via component connection may not work. To update manually, copy the firmware file available from Topfield Australia's website to your PC.