Updating bios video cards

13-Jun-2016 22:52

: Forth PCIe Slot So if you have 4 Cards you will have to enter those commands (No need to reboot between each flash, but very important to reboot at the end of the last flashed card) atiwinflash -f -p 0 7970atiwinflash -f -p 1 7970atiwinflash -f -p 2 7970atiwinflash -f -p 3 7970If you are flashing BIOS #1, you need to put the BIOS switch at #1. Lets say your borked your BIOS flashing and the BIOS #1 is now corrupted and you can't boot into windows using that BIOS -Turn Off PC -Put the swtich back to BIOS #2 -You restart PC running "Locked" BIOS (#2) -Under Windows: You flip the GPU Bios switch back to #1 -Proceed to a normal flashing of the BIOS -BIOS#1 is now repaired Bookmarked and +repped. Are there any BIOS for 7970 that allow you to increase voltage above 1.3?

Does anybody have any recommendations for different ones to try?

I am cuurently at 1200/1700 and 1.275 with a max temp of 46c in farcry3.

Posted By Gabriel Torres on Nov 26, 2004 in Video Few users know it, but the video card has a BIOS too, which just like the motherboard BIOS can be updated.

The only exception is card with ATI chips which have really been manufactured by ATI.

If you bought a generic inexpensive video card and don’t know its manufacturer, you have to use the card’s FCC ID code.

The updating of the video card BIOS is not that mysterious, all you have to do is visit the video card manufacturer’s site and download the software required to make this update (generally in an area called support, downloads or BIOS). The card manufacturer is not usually the chip manufacturer.

You can discover the card manufacturer through this code, found in a tag glued to the board.Then you visit enter the code in the form and the system will tell you the card manufacturer.It is in the video card BIOS that the manufacturer fixes bugs in the video card or in the graphic chip that may have been discovered after the launching of the card on the market.Thus, keeping the video card BIOS updated allows you to have your system as stable as possible, away from bugs that can hamper the operation of your PC, especially bugs that may appear during a game.

This tip is not useful for computers with on-board video.In that case, since the video is produced by the motherboard, the video BIOS is conjugated with the motherboard BIOS, and you just need to upgrade the motherboard BIOS to keep your PC updated.

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