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You may contact at 1-800-999-2734 (for international callers 1-719-576-0123) or via email at [email protected] If you do not have your order number, please have the credit card used to purchase Spy Hunter available as needs the credit card number to be able to locate your order number. Please ask the representative for your username and password on the account and then follow the activation instructions on "How to Register and Activate Spy Hunter".

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Here are four of the most common problems Spy Hunter customers encounter when activating or updating Spy Hunter and ways to solve them.Your Spy Hunter is now successfully activated on your computer, and you will not need to go through this process again.You will need to complete the Registration Form to receive your free Key (via email) to use avast! The form asks your name, email, and country (all compulsory). If you exit without entering one, it will ask again on next launch. Shm Max is the maximum amount of shared memory any given process can have, and while it's probably not big enough for pretty much everything, single big temporary downloads (like those for applying big updates) means avast!Optional items include age, computer literacy, and previous antivirus, and your reason for choosing avast! After entering your details, it states a license key will be emailed to you, usually within half-an-hour. Because of the random nature of the key, you should copy and paste it from your registration email instead of typing it manually. works straight out of the metaphorical box, there is one problem. (important for detecting the latest viruses) come in blocks. usually wants more, and exits with an Update Engine Error.

It is generally accepted that there are no currently wild viruses for Ubuntu, or any Linux based system.That is unlikely to change because of the vast quantities of eyes watching the code, integrated update system, and more in-built security.