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05-Jul-2015 11:03

This article discusses President Raúl Castro’s presentation of the Central Report of the 7th PCC Congress in April of 2016.

President Castro highlighted the specific aspects of the report which discuss the importance of conceptualizing the Cuban socio-economic model, unification of the country’s dual currency, the creation of the Special Development Zone of Mariel, and the new Foreign Investment Law (Lay 118).

Castro lists the concrete advances made by both countries in the 15 months since normalization was announced, and mentions some issues still being negotiated. She emphasizes the 4% growth of the Cuban economy, as well as the growth in the country’s GDP from 59.3 to 61.1%.

Yet Castro’s speech also emphasizes the two greatest obstacles towards fully normalizing relations: the U. The article also discusses in detail the 2016 Cuban State Budget, the new salary payment system (Resolution No.

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Link to full text via Reuters Establishment of a more normal economic relationship with Cuba could foster additional growth in U. The executive actions announced in December 2014, however, only constitute a small step in the direction of normal trade relations between the two countries.

Link to full text via The Guardian According to a recent government report, agriculture in Cuba remains in crisis and the country is still dependent on imports five years into Raul Castro's presidency and despite efforts to reform the sector.

17), and the impact of the annual drought on the economy, society, and environment.

Link to full text via Granma In this article, Cuban farmers express their frustration about what they view as governmental “backsliding” on market reforms promised during the Communist Party Congress in 2011.

Castro also outlines the several components and deliverables of the 7th PCC Congress including the presentation of four principle documents including the conceptualization of the socio-economic model, the development plan through 2030, a report on the implementation of the previous party Guidelines and plans for updated said Guidelines, as well as an analysis of Party objective approved by the First National Party Conference. Castro urges Obama to continue to do everything in his power to end the embargo while pledging Cuban support to “practice the art of civilized coexistence” with the United States.

Link to full text via Granma This article presents the full text of a statement given to the press by President Raúl Castro during the visit of President Obama to Cuba. Link to full text via Granma In this article, Martínez Hernández summarizes the topics discussed at a December 2015 Council of Ministers meeting in Havana.

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