Updating a passport 8500

17-Dec-2014 11:19

The guys who hold the record times for driving cross-country sans police escort swear by it because its arrow system provides the information they need to separate the false alarms from actual cops.

Coupled with the app Waze, it’s your best defense against ticket-writing police.

Before we start, we want to spell out that we don’t condone unsafe driving.

While dangerous driving doesn’t directly translate to driving above the speed limit in every case, doing so can easily become part of a larger ‘unsafe driving’ incident.

It has the same issues as its predecessor like a small user base and less-sensitive hardware, and it adds crash-prevention that CNET found annoying.

We think you should stick to a dedicated, high-performance detector and Waze.

Some new detectors have been introduced since we wrote this guide, including a new Escort model called the Max 360 that has a rear-facing sensor and multi-arrow display similar to our top pick, the Valentine One.

We will update this guide after we’ve been able to do a thorough evaluation of the major new models.

Cobra updated their i Radar model with the smaller i RAD 900 (i Radar Atom).

When driving, I avoid speeding tickets thanks to help from the 0 Valentine One (V1) radar detector.

Yes, that’s a lot of cash, but cheaper detectors simply aren’t worth buying when points on your license and higher insurance rates are at stake.

For a radar detector to be worth using, it must see the radar before the radar gun sees you, help you determine a false alarm, and alert you to different types of speed readers (like lasers).

Please always use your best judgment when getting behind the wheel of a car, and be respectful of your fellow drivers on the road.

A radar detector is good for helping you avoid tickets in the event that you do find yourself going faster, but it’s not a ‘get out of jail free’ card.