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Breeding systems for the various classes of livestock and the use of accurate breeding records are stressed. Pre-requisites: EQST1601 or BIOL1005/1006 or ANSC1400. Meets the requirement for Science, Equine elective and Science elective for Biology. A demonstration of how to achieve the improvement of animals through the application of genetics. Meets the requirement for Science elective for Biology and Equine. A discussion of the anatomy and physiology of the horse, concentrating on the musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and the respiratory systems, with an emphasis on the application of this knowledge to improve care and management of the horse. Prerequisite: sophomore status and BIOL1001 or BIOL1005. This includes a review of the digestive anatomy and physiology, discussion of nutrients and their functions, sources of these nutrients for equine diets, and formulation of diets specific to horses.

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Search alphabetically: » Special Topics Courses » ACAD1001 First Year Experience 2 cr. With the assistance of the externship coordinator, students may select to work in kennels, animal shelters, grooming parlors, biomedical research facilities, zoos, marine aquariums or any other location where they will receive valuable experience in the care of animals.

Meets the requirement for Science, Science for Biology and Equine elective. Students perform a minimum of 150 hours of work in an animal care facility of their choosing.

Attention is given to types and methods of grooming the various breeds. An introduction to proper feeding practices for both large and small animals.

Prerequisites: Sophomore status in the Animal Care program: (ANSC1005 and ANSC1010) or VTSC1101. A continuation of the introductory course, involving classroom instruction and laboratory experience focusing on trimming and clipping techniques and procedures.

A generalized overview of the fundamental principles of animal behavior, including patterns of behavior and the influence of structure, physiology, heredity, and experience on behavior. The importances of balancing rations of many animal species are studied.

Prerequisite: Sophomore status in the Animal Care program; ANSC1005, ANSC1010, or VTSC1101; ANSC1201. Nutrients and their function, as well as feeds and their components are surveyed.

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