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July 9, 2016 AM Well, at least the Dallas PD opted not to waste tax payer dollars with a lifetime of free TV meals and re-education via incarceration. Tags: bombs, robotics, shootings Posted on July 9, 2016 at AM • 187 Comments • July 9, 2016 AM Better than when the Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a house from a helicopter and managed to set 50-60 other houses on fire.Why is the Do D selling local police departments armored humvees if they're not going to use them?The guy was holed up in a parking garage for christ's sake. Some of the articles about this incident refer to 00 bomb squad robots, but one of them showcased an ultra tiny model for ,000 - 5,000.

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The Wedge is the most important invention ever made, it's funny how the more bodies from both sides that pile up onto it - the wider the gap between these two sides becomes.

• July 9, 2016 AM News media don't choose their words for accuracy, but for clicks.

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