Understanding dating and men

09-Apr-2016 23:10

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It means you’ve had ONE bad relationship LOTS OF TIMES.This translates to something difficult to recognize: YOU are the common denominator in your unhappiness.The bottom line is simple: There are great men out there, but you need to let go of your bad patterns and attraction to the men who don’t love, respect and value you before you will be able to see them.” – Relationship expert and bestselling author Charles J.Orlando “Men can’t read emotional expressions on faces the way women can. He’s not trying to be rude; he’s just not wired that way.In his brain his communication and observation centers are much different than the woman’s.If you are unhappy about something, you have to tell him in words.“To the women who have had bad relationships and say, ‘all men are the same’: What you actually mean is that all the men YOU’VE come in contact with are the same.If all your relationships have been with jerks, that doesn’t mean you’ve had lots of bad relationships.

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Ever found yourself completely confused by a guy who seems totally into you and then “goes dark”, failing to return your texts?

Or perhaps he says one thing with his words, but his behavior tells a different story?