Ukraine dating sites reviews

12-Feb-2015 23:28

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So, please guys, don’t invest yourself in there women, no matter how beautiful and nice they seem, because you will get nothing.

Agencies hire “translators”, which would have a very great temptation to share their income with the girls and sometimes even act on behalf of girls.

Another thing that makes Anastasiadate highly questionable dating site is, that the site doesn’t show how old man the woman is looking for.

To escape taxes from the Ukrainian government and maximize there profit they have there bank accounts in Cyprus. Despite how innocent and nice some look, they are all in it and know it. You have to be really rich, desperate or simply stupid to use UAdreams services.

Anastasiadate charges customers for each letter (except the first, which is not necessarily sent by the girl herself), for each chat minute and so on.

They still operate in the exact same way like 5 years ago and haven’t chanced at all.They also refuse to get there s**t together and be an honest agency, no they stay to be deceitful scammers who run nothing more but a online brothel. They even have 18 year old females they claim want to move abroad!

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