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I am looking for a particular book from my childhood and I thought you might be able to help me find the correct title. It's certainly difficult to locate a book when one has forgotten the title. Don't know the author, but have the book somewhere but plan to keep it. Any help/clues towards identifying the Title/Author would be (um) vastly appreciated. The Summer is Magic came out in '52: same publisher & illustrator (Adrienne Adams).

The book relates the story of a rather large family of rabbits (many small rabbit children) who one evening discover an aging, ragged bunny on their doorstep. I recall the cover being glossy all over, washable perhaps. The rabbit family first just helps the stranger to sleep outside, but then it rains. 1 - One on the run from a vast cream bun 2 - Two marabou say how do you do 3 - Three ski off a giant's knee 4 - Four in awe of a dinosaur 5 - Five on a drive, will they survive 6 - Six do tricks on candlesticks 7 - Seven in heaven in deepest devon 8 - Eight, late, await their fate 9 - Nine decline to rise a shine 10 - Ten young men in a lions den 11 - Eleven bears without any cares 12 - Twelve baboons in blue balloons 13 - Thirteen adders play snakes and ladders 14 - Fourteen pigs in various wigs 15 - Fifteen birds say absurd words 16 - Sixteen ? The 13th is Magic -- The other book referred to is The Oldest Secret (Viking, 1953), where Hugh discovers a mysterious 'sunken' island after words appear and vanish in his school textbook.

He very modestly doesn't want to intrude on their small home, but they observe his pitiable condition (cold, etc.) outdoors, and set about to make him as comfortable and cozy as possible. They bring out an umbrella, then finally invite him in. 17 - Seventeen girls all diving for pearls 18 - Eighteen ? ) refers to the audience in a stadium the illustration is of all 11 members of a team (US: soccer, UK: football) in the goal in an attempt to block a penalty kick. He meets Robin Goodfellow and learns that other boys have visited the island (Will Shakespeare, Sammy Coleridge, and others).

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When they get up they are surprised by what he has left for them and who he really was." Hi, my sisters and I are looking for an illustrated children's counting book we read in the early 1970's. "An elderly, aging rabbit appears at the door of a home a rabbit family who have 7 children. Finally, they find him a place in front of the fire. Potter, Miriam Clark Nine Rabbits and Another Wonder Books 1957., and involved a couple of children who, on the 13th of each month, could get onto the otherwise non-existant 13th floor of their apartment building, and the magical adventures they had while they were there. To start with: Do you or anyone else remember a book about a boy and a girl, possibly siblings or cousins, who are sent back in time via a unicorn tapestry showing a well in their aunt's garden? Other books by Patricia Gordon include The Heir to Christmas, illustrated by Garry Mc Kenzie, published Viking 1953 "A lonely little boy finds company when he plays with the treasured toys of past generations." The Taming of Giants, illustrated by Garry Mc Kenzie, published Viking 1950, "Apodemus Sylvaticus (field mouse to you) was an inch and a half long, and yet he actually, or so he thought, succeeded in taming Giants!

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The boy's name was Ronald and he was called Roland when in the past. When the rising tide flooded his old home he set out to find a new one, and came upon the Giants - a whole schoolroom full of them." The Witch of Scrapfaggot Green, illustrated by William Pene du Bois, published by Viking 1948, "The twins had never had so much fun, and the inhabitants of the little English village had never been so busy since they first buried their witch 300 years before - all because of the mysterious happenings after 'Alice', the American Army bulldozer, dug her teeth into the soft soil at the crossroads." Rommany Luck, illustrated by Rafaello Busoni, published by Viking 1947, "Story of Gypsy life in Elizabethan England.How Orlando saw the Queen, and won freedom for his family and every other Rommany, makes a happy ending to the cruel threat under which they were held." Not-Mrs.-Murphy, illustrated by Ralph E.

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