Typologies of adolescent dating violence

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Social Studies Major optional elective Child and Family Studies Major related course requirement Dietetics Major optional related course requirement Gen Eds: LA, S2An analysis of persistent and developing problem areas in American society: family, education, racial and ethnic relations, inequality, violence, economic dislocation, and varieties of social deviance in the context of the alienating character of mass society.Courses that count as non-CJ related electives are indicated, Community and Environment electives, and Gerontology electives, as are required courses for each major and minor.General course and program information can be found in the course catalog.There is a service learning component to the course that involves volunteer work at a community organization, such as a soup kitchen or food bank. SOCLCovers the major figures in the development of the current status of this American school of sociological thought.

Includes major sociological concepts and perspectives. Prerequisites: none Presents an overview of the criminal justice system, its principles and their operation, definition of criminal behavior, rights of the accused, the trial, role of attorneys, plea bargaining, sentencing, etc.In the investigation of these aspects of legal reality, emphasis is placed on their societal relevance. SOCLA survey of the various methods of gathering, analyzing and interpreting data with special attention to what particular styles of research imply in terms of alternative, sociological theories.